Process/Out of Joint (2012)


Choreographie und Performance: Tom Engels, Stefanie Knobel, Arnita Jaunsubrena, Kim Willems, Christopher Felix Hahn
What is the title of your work? Is it green? Is it soft? Do we go to the park after the rehearsal? Could you repeat? What is communication?
The artists Arnita Jaunsubrena (LV/DE), Christopher Felix Hahn (DE), Kim Willems (DE), Stefanie Knobel (CH/DE) and Tom Engels (BE) have studied together at the Institut of Applied Theatre Studies in Giessen, Germany.
For their first work together they found situations
of connectedness through a way of questioning. Out of the questioning they
developed games whereby each game relates to the space and the visitors in a specific way of asking questions.

Process wurde initiiert von Stefanie Knobel und Arnita Jaunsubrena.
Mit freundlicher Unterstützung des Aargauer Kuratoriums, der Stadt Aarau und der Hessischen Theaterakademie.






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