ROUGH CUTS Festival – Egg Charade by Aoife McAtamney and Nina Vallon


Welcome to the world of Peggy & Peggy. Guessing games, intriguing situations and a healthy dose of irony are served up in this road movie-inspired performance. Egg Charade confronts some of the difficulties and pressures young women can face when deciding whether to have a baby. Intimate and revealing, this duet combines lightness and intense physical effort with a wry sense of humour.

Contains nudity (and bowling).

“Original and impactful” Irish Theatre Magazine on Softer Swells & Empty Echo

Concept|choreography|performance_Aoife McAtamney and Nina Vallon

Technical direction|Light|sound design_Niels Lanz

Producer_Richard Wakely

Documentation_Anatoli Nat Skatchkov, Ragunath V and Luis Diaz

Dramaturgical advisor_Mareike Uhl

Production assistants_Orla Shine and Judith Köneke

Flyer and poster design_ Anatoli Nat Skatchkov and Nina Vallon

Short films by_Terry O’Leary, Anatoli Nat Skatchkov and Niels Lanz

Website design_Nina Vallon

Teaser_ Aoife McAtamney and Nina Vallon



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